Monday, 24 November 2008

First weekend in RSA

Saturday morning, finally recovered well after a long, long flight. Max came to our place at noon, and introduced us to our driver Dingani, who was really a nice guy and he told us that we can call him whenever we needed a drive. Max invited us to watch some live Jazz music to a place called Brooklyn Espresso in Silver Lakes.

When the sun set, we headed to Brooklyn Espresso and got a very pleasant ride from our driver. Music started playing and we were very enthused. We met a wonderful singer Linda Kekana during her break and she sold us some of her records. Soon as she got back to the stage, she announced that there are some Finnish guests, and warmly welcomed us to the country. Close to the end she even dared Janne to get up, take off his shoes and come to dance with her to the front. Night was amazing and very memorable!

So, did Janne dare?

On sunday we went to a local mall called Menlyn Park. The mall was really huge and european / american like. It's funny to see how the stores were decorated for christmas, when you've gotten used to the "fact", that christmas comes with snow. After wandering around the mall for couple hours we bought some clothes better suitable for the weather around here, went back to Colbyn Guest house and spent rest of the day resting and preparing for the start of the new week.

A view from the Menlyn Park mall

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